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A Community Service Program for Everyone

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Our Community Service Program

Community service should be a rewarding experience. With the right program, young people will take pride in their involvement while gaining life skills and enjoy being part of a group where they can socialize and make new friends.

Our program is designed to guide youth through service projects. Working with parents, teachers or mentors, children can begin as young as preschool to be introduced to the rewards of volunteering. Older children will show pride as they self-guide through the requirements. Teens can use the acquired experience to organize their own action projects. 

Our program is not “school-work”. Children and teens will learn while they participate. Every requirement provides resources to get started. Older children can “try on” career choices. Teens can build a resume and add accomplishments to their collage application.

All requirements are flexible allowing you to adjust for your geographic area and your team’s situation. Group size, age range and abilities can be easily accommodated. Scout troops, service units, packs and dens can incorporate our program into their existing program. Earned patches can be displayed with their scout fun patches. American Heritage Girls, Frontier Girls and any other youth group can plan their community service using our program guidelines.

Not just for scouts
You don’t need a troop to participate in our program. You can mix boys and girls, children, teens and adults. Offer it through your church, classroom, aftercare, classroom or even your business.

There are no books or binders to purchase. Sign up during 2019 as a charter member and registration is free.

Watch for our new level “Helping Hands” created specifically for preschool participation.

Friend Level

  • Participants who can only invest a small amount of time
  • Younger achievers such as Daisies* and Tiger Cubs
  • Special needs groups and individuals
  • Schools, churches and temples
  • Youths beginning a community service commitment

Average Time Commitment:
2-3 hours

Animal Shelter Drive Scout Patch
Feeding the Birds Scout Patch
Water way Cleanup Scout Patch
Habitat Clean Up Patch
Honey Bee Gardening Service Scout Patch

Volunteer Level

  • Scout troops and youth groups
  • Parent/child or family volunteering
  • Individuals with a specific area of interest
  • Schools, churches and temples
  • Classrooms
  • Anyone who has completed a suggested prerequisite

Average Time Commitment:
3-5 hours

Animal Shelter Volunteer Shelter Scout Patch
Bird Sanctuary Volunteer Scout Patch
Sea Life Protector Scout Patch
Animal Habitat Protector Patch
Honey Bee Supporter Scout Patch

Advocate Level

  • Troops of teen scouts and teen youth groups
  • Individual teens and adults
  • Younger teens with a parent or mentor
  • Families with teens
  • High School clubs
  • Anyone who has completed a suggested  prerequisite

Average Time Commitment:
4-8 hours

Pet Advocate Scout Patch
Bird Advocate Scout Patch
Sea Life Advocate Scout Patch
Animal Habitat Advocate Patch
Endangered Animal Scout Patch

Delegate Level

  • Scout troops of older teens and teen youth groups
  • Adults concerned with a specific cause
  • Individual older teens with a parent, leader or mentor
  • High School clubs
  • Community groups
  • Business owners

Average Time Commitment:
15-25 hours

Cat and Dog Enamel Pin
Enamel Cardinal Pin
Enamel Whale Pin
Animal Habitat Delegate Pin
Honey Bee Pin

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