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“Real Women” Badge Downloads for Girls


Find out about these amazing “Real Women” while earning badges.

Find out about these amazing “Real Women” while earning badges.

Girl Scout Real Woman Jamie Lago
Girl Scout Real Woman Michele Lago
Girl Scout Real Woman Leah Simpson
Girl Scout Real Woman Queen Anunay
Girl Scout Real Woman Taylor Foster
Girl Scout Real Woman Tarah Carpenter
Girl Scout Real Woman Terry Jo Ludwig
Girl Scout Real Woman Anna McRay
Girl Scout Real Woman Sylvia Chelf
Girl Scout Real Woman Samantha Foxx
Girl Scout Real Woman A.D. Long
Girl Scout Real Woman Sari Feldman
Girl Scout Real Woman Sheryl Robinson
Girl Scout Real Woman Lauren Gravagna
Girl Scout Real Woman Terri Bose
Girl Scout Real Woman Catherine Barrone
Girl Scout Real Woman Karena Seraphin
Girl Scout Real Woman Jessica Gallone

Real Woman Download for BROWNIES

Girl Scout Hiking Workshop

Download Available


The US Army Corps of Engineers is a team of people responsible for protecting our parks and water and those who use them.

Spotlight is on Ranger Sylvia Chelf
Supervisory Park Ranger

As a Park Ranger for Alum Creek Lake in Ohio, she oversees the maintenance of the hiking trails, the water quality, the safety of the visitors and much more.

10% of the proceeds for this download go to the SACCA. Find out more about this organization here.

MIchele Lago, ASPCA

Download Available


Animals can’t speak for themselves, so it’s important to know how to properly take care Of them. When people aren’t taking care of their pets, the ASPCA gets called in to find them new homes. They organize the people, the supplies and the shelter to make it as comfortable as possible for the animals while they are waiting for new homes.

Spotlight is on Michele Lago
Operations Manager of Animal Relocation for the ASPCA

Michele also fosters kittens until they are ready for their fur-ever home.

10% of the proceeds for this workshop will be donated to help fund Michele’s kitten fostering. See Michele’s wish list on Amazon.

Brownie Girl Scout Dancer Workshop

Download Available


Dancing makes us feel good. It’s a lot of fun and it’s one of the best forms of exercise you can do. You’re moving your whole body and using muscles you don’t use everyday.

Spotlight is on Catherine Ballone.
Ballet educator and choreographer

Miss Catherine travels across the United States giving ballet classes and workshop. Miss Catherine has also appeared in magazines, music videos and tv/film around the world.

Go to catherineborrone.com to find out more. 10% of the proceeds will go to www.souldancers.org

Girl Scout Real Women Space Science Adventurer

Download Available


Spotlight is on Madeline Coote, Founder of Girls Rock-et

When you look up at the night sky, do you really know what you’re seeing? Let’s discover it with Madeleine Coote. Madeleine knows that young girls are just as interested in space as boys, but they aren’t provided the same opportunities. That’s why Madeleine started an organization called Girls Rock-et as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project. She created it to introduce girls to the exciting and fun science of space.

Go to girlsrock-et.com to find out more.
10% of the proceeds for this download go to Girls Rock-et

Download Available


Painting is fun! And it can also make you feel better. Painting can help you feel less anxious and give you a chance to explore your feelings.

Spotlight is on Lauren Gravagna.
Art Therapist

Lauren is an Art Therapist. She works with people who have an illness or people who are recovering from an injury. It has been proven that art therapy can help speed up recovery.

10% of the proceeds from this download go to Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.

Girl Scout Real Woman Romy Byrd

Download Available


Most injuries are very minor. But getting hurt is scary – especially if you see some blood or get a bruise. Some injuries you can’t see, but they hurt.

Spotlight is on Romy Byrd, RN.
School Nurse

Romy Byrd is a school nurse at Trapper Creek Elementary in Alaska. She is trained to treat all types of injuries and also knows what to do if you’re feeling sick.

To find out more about Ms. Byrd and her job as a school nurse watch her video: youtu.be/UBpu72E0o8w

10% of the proceeds for this download go to Prevent Child Abuse America: https://preventchildabuse.org/

Real Woman Download for JUNIORS

Girl Scout Product Designer Badge

Download Available


Product design is not only about creating new products but improving on the products we have already.

Spotlight is on Debbie Gilmore
Co-Owner of Hall’s Honey

Debbie Gilmore is a fourth generation beekeeper and the co-owner of her family business – Hall’s Honey. Debbie has expanded their honey business to include other bee products and, most recently, lavender and lavender products.

Visit facebook.com/YeringtonHoney to find out more about Hall’s Honey. 10% of the proceeds for this download goes to the Josh Farler Helping Hands Foundation.

Anna Mcray Girl Scout Virtual Junior Safety Award

Download Available


Being prepared for an emergency is essential for staying safe.

Spotlight is on Anna McRay
Assistant Emergency Management Director

Anna McRay is part of the emergency preparedness team in New Hanover County, NC. As Assistant Director, Anna is responsible for supporting her team to help the community be aware of different emergencies and hazards, how to prepare for them, and what to do afterwards.

Go to ready.gov/kids/be-ready-kids to find out more. 10% of the proceeds for this download go to help women and children in shelters during an emergency.

Tarah Carpenter, Zookeeper

Download Available


Zoos are not just a fun place to see animals. They provide an important role in researching the behavior and health of animals. More important, they help protect threatened and endangered species.

Spotlight is on Tarah Carpenter
Former Senior Zookeeper of Carnivores

Tarah was a zookeeper for 20 years. Her specialty was meat eating animals – called carnivores – including lions and tigers. Tarah now volunteers to protect sea turtles and will be working to rehabilitate other animals.

Go to seaturtleproject.org to find out more about Tarah’s voluteer work with sea turtles.

Jamie Lago, author of Willow's Words

Download Available


Not only do stories entertain, they can also spread awareness and teach life lessons. An author can send a message in a way that people will enjoy hearing about.

Spotlight is on Jamie Lago
Author of Willow’s Words

Like Jamie, Willow doesn’t talk in certain situations. This is called Selective Mutism. It is an anxiety disorder where a person’s voice feels frozen and words won’t come out. Jamie and her mother wrote Willow’s Words, which is based on her own experiences, to bring awareness to SM and to help others with the disorder know they are not alone.

To find out more about Jamie or to order an autographed book visit her website WillowsWords.com. 10% of the proceeds for this workshop will be donated to help children with Selective Mutism.

Girl Scout Real Women Musician Badge Download

Download Available


Spotlight is on Jessica Gallone, Owner of Rock N Roll U.

Music floods the brain with a feel-good chemical called dopamine. This chemical is associated with pleasure, motivation and reward. Whether you play an instrument, sing, dance, or simply enjoy listening to music, it can lift your spirits and make you feel good. No one knows this better than Jessica Gallone. She has always believed in the power of music to unite, uplift and inspire. Owning the Rock N Roll U perfectly melds her love of music and her professional experience as a social worker by connecting with others through music.

To find out more about Jessica, go to RNRU.rocks/jessica-gallone/

10% of the proceeds will go to https://www.familyres.org/

Girl Scout Space Science Investigator Real Women Download

Download Available


Spotlight is on Kayann Coote, Future Astronaut

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what it would be like to travel in space? Kayann Coote has! This Gold Award Girl Scout has received a scholarship to complete her studies in Aerospace Engineering. And she has a job waiting for her in the industry. Kayann hopes to become an astronaut, and nothing will stop this talented young woman from achieving her dream job.

Go to tinyurl.com/9z4prrdc to find out more.

10% of the proceeds for this download go to GirlsRock-et.com

Real Woman Download for CADETTES

Girl Scout Cadette First Aid Badge

Download Available


Spotlight is on Karena Seraphin
Emergency Medical Technician

When someone has a medical emergency and calls 9-1-1, an ambulance will arrive. Karena is one of the EMTs who will give first aid to an injured person until they an get to a hospital. She will assess the person’s injuries, provide treatment, and help transport the patient.

Go to facebook.com/AmeriProEMS to find out more. 10% of the proceeds for this download will go to Autism Awareness.

Taylor foster, guide dog puppy raiser

Download Available


People with visual impairments rely on their guide dogs to get them safely around town. Volunteers for the Guide Dog Foundation play a vital role in the development of future assistance dogs –spending countless hours caring for, teaching, and socializing the pups.

Spotlight is on Taylor Foster
Volunteer Puppy Raiser and Dog Handler for the Guide Dog Foundation

Taylor Foster has always been passionate about animals especially dogs. She has walked, watched and trained dogs for several years.

You can find out more about Taylor at facebook.com/taylor.foster.9655

Leah Simpson

Download Available


In order for a business to be successful, you have to provide a product or service that people will want or need. It could be a totally new idea or an improvement in something.

Spotlight is on Leah Simpson
Founder of Monet School of Ballet in Jacksonville, Florida.

Leah wants to leave a legacy and impact on her community by sharing her love of ballet with all girls. Find out how Leah founded her dance school after an injury kept her from becoming a professional ballerina.

Find out more about Leah on her website www.monetballet.com/

Terry Ludwig, Life Coadh

Download Available


You might think that happiness is created by having good things happen to you. But it’s really about managing how you think and feel about yourself and your life.

Spotlight is on Terry Ludwig
Certified Transformation Coach

Your girls will start feeling better about themselves and their lives by learning a few simple practices they can start right away.

You can reach Terry at TerryJoLudwig.com or facebook.com/terryjoludwig

Real Woman Download for SENIORS

Girl Scout Locavore Badge

Download Available


Farm fresh foods have more nutrients and less contaminants such as harmful fertilizer and pollutants. And, it tastes better! Locavores know this so they conscientiously source out foods that are farmed locally.

Spotlight is on Samantha Foxx
Founder of Mother’s Finest Urban Farm

Known as Farm Mother, Samantha is a master beekeeper. She manages over 7 acres of land including a 2.5 acre urban farm, runs a farmers market and produces homeopathic herbal remedies.

Go to facebook.com/mothersfinestfamilyfarm/ to find out more. 10% of the proceeds for this download go to Save the Bees, Safe Seeds.

Girl Scout Senior Safety Award

Download Available


Staying safe is often about personal responsibility and making good choices, but some things can be beyond your control.

Spotlight is on Lieutenant A.D. Long
Assistant Division Commander, Support Services Division of the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office

Lieutenant Long and her staff of over 180 provide services to help keep the community safe.

10% of the proceeds for this download goes to help the NC Law Enforcement Assistance Program. Find out more online nc-leap.org/

Terri Bose, ATC Artist

Download Available


Making art is fun and stress reducing unless you’re not sure where to start or the supplies are too expensive. To do collage art, you only need a few basic supplies to get started and you probably have what you need around the house. And you don’t have to know how to draw or paint to make beautiful pieces of art.

Spotlight is on Terri Bose
ATC collage artist and Etsy store owner

Not only is Terri a collage artist, she also designs and develops products and websites. Our download is packed with tips for making collage cards. You’ll also find out about some of the products she developed to help streamline the process.

10% of the proceeds for workshop will go to the 2022 MakingFriends Gold Award Grant Program.

Download Available


Getting on stage helps practice public speaking, improve communication skills, and build confidence.

Spotlight is on Sari Feldman
Sari Feldman has been performing professionally throughout the United States and Canada since 2001. She is also the director of Theatrics Performing Arts, where she provides musical theater education for children of all ages.

Go to https://www.theatricsperformingarts.com/ to find out more about Sari’s classes.

10% of the proceeds for this download go to the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

Download Available


Spotlight is on Queen Anunay

Paramedics are in charge at the scene of an emergency. They are trained to perform life-saving procedures on scene and while the patient is being transported to the hospital. Chief Anunay is responsible for making sure that the paramedics and firefighters are ready to answer the call for medical emergencies in the Washington DC – Baltimore Area.

Go to tinyurl.com/mxdhhpm6 to find out more.

10% of the proceeds for this download will go to chessempowersgirls.org/

Download Available


Spotlight is on Wendy DeGraffenried

Ever wonder why laying on your back and gazing up at the clouds is so relaxing? Just ask Wendy DeGraffenried. As a school nurse who specializes in mindfulness and resiliency building, Ms. DeGraffenried knows all about the healing properties of cloud watching.

Go to Wendydegraffenried.com to find out more about Ms. Degraffenried. Inquire about consultation and presentation offerings at wendydegraffenried.com/contact.

10% of the proceeds of this download will go to thecloudappreciationsociety.org

Download Available


Spotlight is on Sheryl Robinson

As a Senior Girl Scout*, you have probably thought a lot about the Gold Award. It’s a big undertaking. If you’re trying to decide if it’s right for you or if you’re looking for ideas, Sheryl Robinson can help you. Sheryl is a podcaster, coach, and speaker who helps teens discover their unique gifts, talents, and abilities to achieve their dreams. She volunteers her time to coach Girl Scouts working on their Gold Award.

Go to heartsofgoldpodcast.com to find out more.

10% of the proceeds will go to Scenic Bluffs Health Center at https://www.scenicbluffs.org/

Download Available


Spotlight is on Samantha Wheler, PhD, LCSW

Good mental health is essential to overall wellbeing. According to womenshealth.gov, more than 1 in 5 women in the U.S. have experienced a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety in the past year. Many mental health conditions affect more women than men. Most serious mental health conditions cannot be cured. But they can be treated, so you can get better and live well. Dr. Samantha Wheeler treats mental health conditions so people can live happy, healthier lives.

Go to womenshealth.gov/mental-health/ to find out more.

10% of the proceeds for this download go to Mental Health America at mhanational.org

Making Friends is looking for women we can feature in our new badge download series “Real Woman”

Real Woman Badge DownloadsIf you, or someone you know, works or volunteers in a badge-related field we would like to know more about it. Our new “Real Woman” series spotlights a woman in the field in each download. This is an opportunity to get publicity, a link to your website or social media, and and to be an inspiration to today’s Girl Scouts.

We are interested in finding women for every badge, but here a few we are specially looking for right now:

  • All STEM
  • First Aid Including School Nurses
  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Finance
  • Government

If interested, please email [email protected]. Let us know how we can spotlight you and include links to your website or social media if you have any.

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