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Community Service

junior-community service

Girls from Junior troop 3738 collecting school supplies for the local Stuff the Bus drive.

Food drives have long been a favorite community service. You can also collect shoes, clothing, books and any other thing members of your community can use. Can you make these ideas sustainable? Making a drive sustainable is a great idea for a bronze, silver or even a gold award. Can you get a permanent drop location set up and get the word out to your community? Can you get volunteers to help man the drop spot?

There are many opportunities for community service on or around Earth Day. Cleaning up a park or public space is a great activity. Planting a garden or a tree helps improve our environment. We’ve included craft and SWAP ideas that can be part of an Earth Day event or meeting to inspire others to start their own Earth Day projects. Check out our Recycled and Upcycled SWAPs  and Recycled Crafts and Upcycled Crafts pages for more ideas for your Earth Day celebration or event. 

Community Service Fun Patch
2″ embroidered.

$0.99 $0.69

What else can girls do for community service? Just about anything! Take a look at some of the ideas here. If you’ve had great community service experience, let other leaders know about it with photos on our facebook page or even write a blog and get $40 for your troop to spend at MakingFriends.com

Fun Fact: Girls who were volunteers have a better chance of finding a job than non-volunteers.