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Community Service for Girl Scouts

junior-community service

Girls from Junior troop 3738 collecting school supplies for the local Stuff the Bus drive.

Food drives have long been a favorite community service for Girl Scouts. You can also collect shoes, clothing, books and any other thing members of your community can use. Can you make these ideas sustainable? Making a drive sustainable is a great idea for a bronze, silver or even a gold award. Can you get a permanent drop location set up and get the word out to your community? Can you get volunteers to help man the drop spot?

Community Service Fun Patch
2″ embroidered.

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What else can Girl Scouts do for community service? Just about anything! Take a look at some of the ideas here. If you’ve had great Thinking Day experience, let other leaders know about it with photos on our facebook page or even write a blog and get $40 for your troop to spend at MakingFriends.com

Fun Fact: Girls who were volunteers have a better chance of finding a job than non-volunteers.