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World Thinking Day

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World Thinking Day… It’s always a favorite Girl Scout Event!

World Thinking Day is often the biggest event of the year for Girl Scouts. Many councils and service units plan an international event where each troop represents a country that belongs to WAGGGS. Dressed in their international costumes,  girls “travel” from table to table and “visit’ each country. They get their passports stamped, and collect a souvenir such as a fact sheet, or a swap. Often there is food to sample and displays to view, with music and photos from the country.

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Fun Fact: Many of the WAGGGS countries have both girl and boys in their troops.


Thinking Day Events
Whether you are running an event, attending an event or enjoying a party with your troop, we have everything you need to make the event a success. Don’t miss all the free printables!

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Thinking Day Countries
Choose a popular country like France, an exotic county like Thailand or choose a country your girls have never heard about like Burkina Faso. We have something for every country!


Thinking Day SWAPs
No Thinking Day celebration is complete without a round of SWAPping. We have SWAPs for every country!


Free Printables for Thinking Day
Thinking day is an opportunity to learn about girls from other parts of the world. Print our freebies for your troop to hand out at their country table.


Costumes for Thinking Day
Your outfits can be as simple as wearing a neckerchief or elaborate as head to toe costumes with face paint. Don’t forget to get your girls involved in the decision making.


Thinking Day Food
You’ll want to choose food that is easy to sample. Finger food is always a good choice. We’ve got kid-friendly recipes that all the girls will actually try!


Thinking Day Patches

You won’t want to forget patches. Fun patches are available for your Thinking Day or International event. Check back each year for the newest designs. Patches are also available for individual countries.


Supporting WAGGGS
World Thinking Day is an opportunity for your troop to support  girls and women around the world. There are many way to be a global sister. Help your girls to choose one and remember what this fun holiday is really about.