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Bird Advocate Service Patch

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Animal Advocate Service Patch ProgramThis 2″ embroidered iron-on patch can be awarded as part of our Animal Advocate Service Patch Program. Find out more about this program.


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See the suggested requirements for earning this patch.

Service Patch ProAbout the Animal Welfare Service Patch Program from Youth Strong

Who can earn these patches?
Anyone who is concerned with the welfare of animals. This program is designed to be flexible for anyone and any group including Girl Scouts*, Boy Scouts, youth groups, families and individuals. Patches can be earned with multi-levels and are based on ability and time invested – not necessarily the age of the achiever. You can progress through the patch levels — Friend, Volunteer, Advocate — earning one patch per year or choose to do them in a series culminating in a larger service project. Those who choose to do so can complete all five areas of interest — Birds, Pets, Habitats, Sea Life, Endangered — and earn the Animal Welfare Service Patch. More experienced achievers can earn the Delegate pins.

Bird Advocate PatchThis Bird Advocate Service Patch is part of our “Advocate” level patches. This level of our patch program provides an opportunity for achievers to reach out into their community to get others involved. Program organizers can give these patches for recognition or they can be earned by completing requirements one to four below. This level is best for teens to adults and for younger children to complete with a parent or mentor. It is a natural progression from our “Volunteer” level patches, for troops of teen scouts and teen youth groups as well as individual teens and adults.

Can this patch be earned other ways?
Yes. Based on your geographic area and the ability of the achiever, other requirements may be more suitable. Use your own judgement for what is best for your group.

How much time does it take to earn this patch?

Generally, our Bird Advocate Patch can be earned in four to eight hours but consider making a regular commitment to advocate for birds.

Bird Sanctuary Volunteer Patch—————————————-

Bird Welfare Advocate Patch Program Suggested Requirements

Completing the Bird Sanctuary Volunteer Patch Program  is a suggested prerequisite for earning your Bird Welfare Advocate Patch. Your volunteer experience will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to advocate for birds. You can also opt to complete the volunteer requirements during your advocacy project.


Requirement 1: Choose a Bird Issue to Advocate For

Scientists believe there is a reduction in migratory song birds due to a reduction in their habitats during migration. Their migration routes are called flyways. By choosing to protect birds in your community you will also be protecting birds from all over North and South America.

Bird Flyway Map

Map courtesy of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Discussion Points:

Based on your discussion, what bird issue will you advocate for? Some ideas:

  • Make your neighborhood bird-friendly.
  • Get more volunteers for a sanctuary.
  • Raise money for a bird issue (your organization may not allow you to raise funds, check first.)
  • Educate people about responsible bird ownership.


Requirement 2: Plan and Carry Out an Advocacy Program

Now that you’ve chosen your issue to advocate for it’s time to get started. Helpful link: How to Advocate for your Cause

Who do want to reach? Some ideas:

How will you reach them? Some ideas:

  • Talk to them. Consider wearing a button as a conversation starter.
  • Hand out flyers. Consider setting up a booth to collect donations if allowed.
  • Hang tags on doors and mail boxes.
  • Make posters.
  • Reach out with social media such as Facebook.
  • Send a press release to your local newspaper or school newspaper. Helpful link: How to write a press release.


Requirement 3: Thank Your Community

Bird Advocate CertificateAlways remember to thank those who helped with your advocacy program.

Ways to say Thank You:

  • Personally thank individuals and businesses who helped. A hand written letter is always nice. Helpful link: How to write a thank you letter.
  • Give certificates of appreciation.
  • Thank the community as a whole with posters.
  • Create a follow up press release and include the names of individuals and businesses who participated.
  • Thank the community as a whole on social media.


Enamel Cardinal PinOnce you’ve earned this patch you may want to earn our Bird Welfare Delegate Pin.

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