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Bird Advocate Service Patch Program®

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This 2″ embroidered iron-on patch can be awarded as part of our Animal Advocate Patch Group.


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MakingFriends Patch Program®

This 2″ iron-on embroidered patch is part of our Animal Welfare patch program®.

Bird Advocate Scout PatchSuggestions for how younger girls can earn the Bird Advocate Patch.

Learn About Local Birds:

Attend a local nature center, zoo, or bird sanctuary to learn about different types of birds or you can watch a video. Find out what kind of birds are local to your area.

Find Out About Threats to Birds in Your Area

Loss of habitats, the rising use of pesticides and changes in the climate have affected bird populations. Birds are an important part of our ecosystem. They eat insects, pollinate plants and help spread seeds.

Choose a local park, nature reserve, green space or even your own school yard or backyard to view birds’ habitat quality. Do you see any potential problems such as pollution, invasive species, or habitat destruction? What can you do about it?

Recycled Bird FeederAdvocating for Birds

Join others in a bird advocate project. This could involve tree planting,  removing invasive species, cleaning up litter, or creating bird houses or bird feeders. If you live in a drought area, bird baths are a great idea. Tell a friend or family member what you have learned about birds and ask them to join you.

Suggestions for how older girls can earn the Bird Advocate Patch.

Bird Identification

Learn to identify common local birds. Observe and document their behaviors. What do they eat? Where do they nest? How do they communicate? Study the anatomy of a bird and understand how their physical features help them survive in their environment.

Migration Exploration

Research and track the migration patterns of a specific bird species. Has it changed? Find out why.

Advocating for Birds

Plan a bird advocate project. This could involve tree planting,  removing invasive species, cleaning up litter, or building bird houses or bird feeders. If you live in a drought area, bird baths are a great idea. Get others from your neighborhood join you.


Create a field guide with sketches and descriptions of each bird.

Organize a bird-watching trip to a local birding hotspot. If possible, Invite a local ornithologist or wildlife expert to join you and share insights.

Remember, bird advocacy is an ongoing commitment. Encourage scouts to continue their involvement by participating in bird-related projects, volunteering with local conservation organizations, or taking part in citizen science programs to monitor and protect bird populations. By earning this patch, Girl Scouts become true advocates for the feathered friends that share our world

Or you can do:

A Citizen Scientist Bird Project


Got Tag-Alongs?

Let them earn a special patch by doing they bird identification coloring pages.

Bird Identification Coloring Pages Youth Strong Helping Hands Bird Patch


Animal Welfare Patch Program®See other suggested requirements for this patch on Youth Squad website.

This patch is from the “Advocate” level of the Youth Squad Animal Welfare Patch Program®. There are five sections in our Environmental Patch Program®. Each section has five levels so you will find activities for children of every age range.

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