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Bird Welfare Delegate Pin

Product Number: YS-1100M

Animal Advocate Service Patch Program1″ enamel cardinal pin with secure clutch back.


These pins can be given as awards in our Animal Welfare Service Program or as gifts to program sponsors.

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See the suggested requirements for earning this patch.

Service Patch ProAbout the Animal Welfare Service Patch Program from Youth Strong

Who can earn these patches and pins?
Anyone who is concerned with the welfare of animals. This program is designed to be flexible for anyone and any group including Girl Scouts*, Boy Scouts, youth groups, families and individuals. Patches can be earned with multi-levels and are based on ability and time invested – not necessarily the age of the achiever. You can progress through the levels — Friend, Volunteer, Advocate — earning one patch per year or choose to do them in a series culminating in a larger service project. Those who choose to do so can complete all five areas of interest — Birds, Pets, Habitats, Sea Life, Endangered — and earn the Animal Welfare Service Patch. More experienced achievers can earn the Delegate pins.

Enamel Cardinal PinThis Bird Welfare Delegate Pin is part of our “Delegate” level. This level of our program provides an opportunity for achievers to organize service projects for others to participate in.  It is a natural progression from our “Advocate” level, for troops of older teen scouts and teen youth groups. Individual teens with a mentor and adults can also earn this pin. This is also an excellent opportunity for families to work together to serve the community.

Can this pin be earned other ways?
Yes. Based on your geographic area and the ability of the achiever, other requirements may be more suitable. Use your own

Yes. Based on your geographic area and the ability of the achiever, other requirements may be more suitable. Use your own judgement for what is best for your group.

How much time does it take to earn this pin?
Generally, our Bird Welfare Delegate Pin can be earned in 15 to 25 hours but consider making a regular commitment to advocate for birds.


Earning the Bird Welfare Delegate Pin

Bird Advocate Patch

Completing the Bird Advocate Patch program is a suggested prerequisite for earning your delegate pin. Your advocate experience will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to successfully manage your bird welfare action project. You can also opt to complete the requirements with your participation during the administration of your project.


Requirement 1: Choose a Bird Welfare Action Project

Points to consider:

Some Ideas

  • Bird AdvocateCreate or improve a bird sanctuary.
  • Convince your community to keep their cats indoors.
  • Start a program in your elementary school to educate children about birds.
  • Reduce risks to birds in your community. Helpful Link: Promote Avian-Friendly Power Lines.
  • Reduce your community’s carbon footprint.  Helpful Link: Reduce your community’s carbon footprint.
  • Reduce your community’s use of plastic.
  • Educate about proper care for birds as pets.

Youth Strong Project PlanningProject considerations:

  • What are your skills and talents?
  • Do you need a mentor or adviser? Who will it be?
  • Will there be legal or permit issues to resolve?
  • How many others can you recruit to help?
  • Will your volunteers need special skills or training?
  • How many hours can you devote to the project?
  • Will there be a project deadline?
  • How much money will you be able to raise for the project?
  • Can you get a sponsor to help with the costs?


Requirement 2: Plan Your Bird Welfare Action Program

Youth Strong Goal SettingGoal Setting
Setting goals will help give you a long-term vision and short-term motivation. It helps you to organize your thoughts and determine exactly what needs to be done.

  • Decide exactly what you want to accomplish and give your project a name.
  • Break it down into smaller steps.
  • Set up a timeline.

Youth Strong Mentor MeetingRecruit Volunteers
Although smaller projects can be done alone, many projects will require a team. As the project delegate, one of your most important roles will be building a successful team. Helpful Link: 7 Super Steps to Recruit Volunteers

  • Find a mentor with experience in your project area.
  • Enlist an Advocate to help you recruit volunteers. Consider using a volunteer release form especially if you are working with children. Helpful Link: Volunteer Release Form
  • Decide which jobs you can do alone.
  • Team Building for Community Service ProjectHow many people will you need for each team? Take a look at this table to get you started. You can copy and paste the table to use as a template for your project. You can set up an account for free or use your own method for organization.

Budgeting allows you to create a spending plan for your project. Sticking to your budget ensures that you will have enough money for the things you need to complete it. If you copied the table above you will see there is a section for budgeting.

Raise Money 
There are many ways to raise money. If you are working with an organization such as Girl Scouts* check first to see what is allowed. Helpful Link: A Beginner’s Guide to Fundraising

  • Consider GoFundMe, CrowdRise, DonorsChoose, or Kickstarter.
  • Organize an event like a car wash, bake sale, or benefit dinner to raise awareness around your fundraiser.
  • Host an event such as a walkathon, run, or bike rides.
  • Ask local businesses and community members to donate items for a silent auction or a live auction.
  • Sales of customized products like tee shirts, pens, and buttons will not only raise funds but generate awareness about your project.
  • Invite the local media to your fundraiser or at least supply them with a
    photo and caption after the event.

Bird House SetSpecific ideas for Bird Welfare Fundraising
Get clever with your ideas. Think of things related to your cause. It will help bring awareness and set up a “fun” atmosphere, while raising the money you need to complete your cause.

  • Host a birdhouse painting party.
  • Resell Peeps.
  • Have a bake sale with birdnest cookies.
  • Host a bird craft party.
  • Organize a “Chicken Dance Challenge” similar to the ALS ice bucket challenge. Set up a Facebook page where people publicly challenge a friend or family member to post a video of him/her doing the chicken dance in exchange for making a donation to your cause.
  • Get a local pet shop to sponsor a day where people can come in and make bird feeders for “free”. Participants would make a suggested donation to the project. Businesses would benefit from selling the bird seed and getting additional patrons. Ask if they would match the donations.
  • If you are improving a sanctuary, have a brick fundraising campaign.
  • Enamel Cardinal PinHost an Angry Bird tournament.
  • Organize a bird photo contest.
  • Give bird recognition gifts for sponsorships. Set donation levels such as $20 for a pin, $40 for a tee shirt, $60 for a birdhouse.
  • Plan a bird call karaoke night where participants have to imitate bird calls.


Requirement 3: Complete Your Bird Welfare Action Project

You should now be ready to put your plan into action. After completing the plan, remember to thank the community

Bird Advocate CertificateWays to say Thank You:

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