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Bird Welfare Service Patch Program® from MakingFriends.com

Bird Advocate Program

Our bird advocate program is for groups and individuals concerned about the welfare of birds.

Anyone can participate at any level. Volunteer as few as two hours of service or make a lifetime commitment to bird welfare. Girl Scouts*, Boy Scouts and other youth groups can incorporate this patch program®® into their existing program but you don’t need to belong to any organization to participate. Families, friends, neighbors and even individuals can make a difference in improving the welfare of birds in their community.

The suggested requirements are designed to make the program fun, educational and rewarding. All level requirements are flexible. You decide what works best for your group.

Friend Level

Feeding the Birds Scout Patch

Feeding the Birds Service Patch Program®

Suitable for anyone who wants to provide nourishment for local birds including:

  • Achievers who can only invest a small amount of time
  • Younger achievers such as Daisies* and Tiger Cubs
  • Special needs groups and individuals
  • Youths beginning a community service commitment

Time Commitment:
2-3 hours


Volunteer Level

Bird Sanctuary Volunteer Scout Patch

Bird Sanctuary Volunteer Service Patch Program®

Suitable for anyone who wants to improve the quality of life for local birds including:

Time Commitment:
3-5 hours


Advocate Level

Bird Advocate Scout Patch

Bird Welfare Advocate Patch Program®

Suitable for anyone who wants to advocate for the welfare of birds including:

Time Commitment:
4-8 hours


Delegate Level

Bird Delegate Pin

Bird Welfare Delegate Program

Suitable for anyone who wants to organize and lead a bird welfare action project:

  • Scout troops of older teens and teen youth groups
  • Adults concerned about the welfare of birds
  • Individual older teens with a parent, leader or mentor
  • Anyone who has completed our Bird Advocate Service Patch Program®

Time Commitment:
15-25 hours