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Senior and Ambassador Scouts

Girl Scout Cookie Season

Seniors & Ambassadors: Job Well Done

Congratulations! Thanks to you, these girls are headed for successful lives. It’s not easy to retain girls to this level so you deserve a pat on the back. Share your experiences by writing blogs for us and earn store credit for your troop. We are also looking for Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts interested in blogging. It’s a great opportunity for girls interested in the communication field to get some experience in social media. Use the credit to purchase supplies to lead workshops for younger girls or donate the store credit to a new Daisy troop.

Don’t forget to share on facebook. We have a community of more than 15,000 leaders who could use your expertise. You don’t want to miss the coupons either!


Gold Award

Get your girls to tell us about their experience and earn $40 in store credit for the troop! Leader submission are great too.


Senior and Ambassador Badges

Help us to get some excitement going for badges at this level. Tell us about your experience and earn $40 in store credit for the troop!


Senior Journeys AND Ambassador Journeys

Completely girl-led, our journey kits allow your troop to lead the journey they need to move onto the Girl Scout Gold Award.


World Thinking Day

Need help picking a country? Or maybe your girls know what country they want to represent but you want ideas for costumes, food or SWAPS. You’ll find it all here.


Girl Scout SWAPs

It’s fun and affordable, so make swaps to trade at your next event or trade online with us. Join our SWAP Sensation. Mail your swaps to us, then we will send SWAPs from other Girl Scouts to you.


Community Service

The goal for community service at this level is sustainability. What has your troop done? Other leaders are looking for ideas.

Fun Fact:
Since 1916, one million girls have earned the Gold Award or its equivalent.


Teen Crafts and Activities

Girls this age will want to do pick their own crafts and activities. This is a good place to start.


Girl Scout Freebies

If your girls are running a troop meeting or an event, they will find plenty here to help.

Troop 5555, Ambassadors at Our Chalet

Ceremonies and Traditions

From meeting openers and flag ceremonies to investitures, rededication and bridging, find out about what makes Girl Scouting special.


Fun Patches

Your older girls will still like to add fun patches to their vests. Just make sure they are representative of the girls’ memories and, of course, let them do the picking.


Trips and Tours

Get your girls to tell us about their experience and earn $40 in store credit for the troop! Leader submission are great too.

Troop 805 cookie booth

Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that wonderful time a year when real life stops and cookies take over. Find out how to sell more and have more fun while doing it!


Celebrations, Events and Parties

From small parties and parades to huge Service Unit events, your troop will enjoy the social side of the Girl Scout experience.

Stacey Russell Leinen whitewater rafting. loved it

Camping and Outdoor Activities

If you haven’t already done so, your girls should be experiencing adventure outings. Try canoeing, zip-lines, mountain biking, anything in which your girls might be interested.


Girl Scout Leader 411 Blog

Get great tips and ideas from other leaders or submit your own and get $40 in store credit for your troop!