Leading your Girl Scout troop just got easier.

Senior Girl Scout Journeys

Over a long weekend, Senior Troop 3398 from Plainview, NY did The Ambassador Bliss Journey using the totally Girl Led Dream Journey Badge in a Bag kit.

Your Senior Journey can be Rewarding AND FUN!


Which Senior journey should you choose?

Print our flyer and take it to your meeting to discuss with your troop.

There are three Senior journeys– GIRLtopia, Sow What? and Mission Sisterhood. You can do your journey during meetings or you can make it a weekend or even a day-long event. Many troop are choosing a weekend event. Some councils or service units will host these events and all you have to do is sign up your girls. If you are doing the journey on your own, we can help! Check out the ideas below. If you have any questions, post it on our Facebook page and you will get plenty of helpful ideas make to your Senior Journey be successful.

Senior Vision Journey Badge in a Bag®
Complete kit makes the Senior GIRLtopia Journey easy!

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Senior Harvest Journey Badge in a Bag®
Complete kit to make Senior Sow What? Journey easy!

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Senior Friendship Journey Badge in a Bag®
Complete kit makes Senior Mission: Sisterhood! Journey easy!

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