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Welcome Daisy Leaders!

So you took the Girl Scout plunge and signed up to be a Daisy leader. Thank you for volunteering your time and energy. Being a Daisy leader can be a truly wonderful and rewarding experience. You and the girls you lead will make new friends and have experiences to share and remember for many years to come. If you’ve already taken your training, you might be concerned about the amount of effort it can take to lead a troop. That’s why we’re here. We’ve been there and can provide you will all the help you need. From tips, ideas and freebies to discount supplies and complete kits, everything you are going to need can be found right here. So just jump right in and look around.

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Fun Fact: The Daisy level of Girl Scouting was added in 1984.

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Learning the Girl Scout Promise

Get your new Daisy troop started for a successful year by learning the Girl Scout Promise with fun crafts and activities.


Daisy Petals

The cornerstone of of Girl Scouting is the Girl Scout Law. Kindergarten and first graders begin learning about the Girl Scout Law while they earn their petals.


Daisy Journeys

Find help choosing your Journey with creative ideas that help your Daisy Girl Scouts learn while they have fun.

Daisy Badges

Ideas to help make earning Daisy badges fun for them and easy for you.


Girl Scout Swaps

Swapping is a tradition with Girl Scouts. Learn all about it and get your girls started by making some age-appropriate SWAPS to trade.


World Thinking Day

February 22 is World Thinking Day. Learn about this  holiday and find out why it is often the most anticipated event on the Girl Scout calendar.

Fun Fact: The Daisy program was not part of Girl Scouting until 1984– almost 75 years after Juliette Low started her first troop.

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Crafts and Activities
Daisy love crafts! From free printables to complete kits, you’ll find plenty to keep your Girl Scouts busy with creative fun.


Daisy Girl Scout Freebies

So much to choose from! Start your meetings with coloring pages, learn the Girl Scout Promise and Law, earn a petal or enhance your journey.


Ceremonies and Traditions

From meeting openers and flag ceremonies to investitures, rededication and bridging, find out about what makes Girl Scouting special.


Daisy Fun Patches

It won’t take long to realize your girl love to collect fun patches. They are inexpensive keepsakes your troop members will cherish throughout their years as Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Daisy Troop 62447 was making lunch for the guests of Fisher House in Palo Alto California. Sixty-five people were fed five kinds of sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit salad, homemade cookies and a variety of drinks! Nancy Richardson Teer

Community Service

It’s never too early to teach your troop about giving. Find ideas and rewarding activities for service projects.

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Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that wonderful time a year when real life stops and cookies take over. Find out how to sell more and have more fun while doing it!


Celebrations, Events and Parties

From small parties and parades to huge service unit events, your troop will enjoy the social side of the Girl Scout experience.


Camping and Outdoor Activities

Get your girls outside and encourage them to be active! Girl Scouts isn’t only about camping. Go swimming or bike riding. Build a snowman or scarecrow. The possibilities are endless.


Trips and Tours

There are plenty of fun, free trips to do with a Daisy troop. Many will help you earn a petal or enhance your Daisy Journey.