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Brownie Girl Scouts making a difference in the community.
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There is so much you can do with your Brownie Girl Scouts!

Journeys and proficiency badges are often considered the core of the Girl Scout program. But, Brownies are at a great age to try all kinds of new things. From crafts with different supplies to overnighters, you can try many different activities with your troop. Badges and Journeys can give you ideas for fun trips and events, Or, you could start off with a trip or tour to a local destination. If your girls really enjoy it, that’s a clue for helping your troop choose badges and a journey.

With your guidance, Brownies can start making decisions about their Girl Scout experience. Our blog about girl-led Brownie troops can get you started.

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Learning the Girl Scout Law

Juliette Low wrote the Girl Scout Law more than 100 years ago. Yet, it is as relevant today as it was then. Try one of these ideas to teach the Law to your Brownies.

Brownie Badges

Girls will be very proud to fill up their vests with badges, awards and fun patches. We have many ideas to make that enjoyable for them and easy for you!

Troop 338

Brownie Journeys

The Brownie Journeys can be a rewarding experience for your girls. Don’t get overwhelmed. We have many ideas that make it simple to guide your girls in completing their Journey.

World Thinking Day

Whether you need help picking a country or finding ideas for recipes, swaps and costumes, we have many ideas to make Thinking Day a big event for your Brownie Girl Scouts.

Avon Villagers Service Unit

Brownie Girl Scout SWAPs
It’s fun and affordable, so make SWAPS to trade at your next event, or trade online with us. Join our SWAP Sensation to mail your swaps to us, then we will send SWAPs from other Girl Scouts to you.

Cecilia Cava's Troop

Community Service

Brownie Girl Scouts can certainly “make the world a better place” by doing service projects right in their community.

Fun Fact:
Until recently, Brownies was a three-year program that included first-graders.

Troop 50685

Brownie Crafts and Activities

Every Brownie-aged girl loves to make things. While you don’t want to plan a craft for every meeting, make sure to include several during the year, especially for the holidays.


Girl Scout Freebies

Got ink? You’re going to need it. We have so many activities for your Brownies. Keep your girls busy before the meeting starts with our puzzles, games and crafts. Many can be used to complete badge requirements.

Troop 34's Investiture Ceremony

Ceremonies and Traditions

From meeting openers and flag ceremonies to investiture, rededication and bridging, find out about what makes Girl Scouting special.


Brownie Fun Patches

Your girls are only Brownies for two years, but you will be surprised how many memories you will make during that time. Their fun patches will be a reminder of all those experiences.

Donna Chia's Troop

Trips and Tours
There are many free and inexpensive trips and tours for Brownie Girl Scouts. Get ideas for your troop from other leaders.

Troop 50685

Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that wonderful time a year when real life stops and cookies take over. Find out how to sell more and have more fun while doing it!

Troop 891 from GSSGC

Celebrations, Events and Parties

From small parties and parades to huge Service Unit events, your troop will enjoy the social side of the Girl Scout experience.

Cyndi Smith's Troop

Camping and Outdoor Activities

Get your girls outside and encourage them to be active! Girl Scouts isn’t only about camping. Go swimming or bike riding. Build a snowman or scarecrow. The possibilities are endless.


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