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Paper Maché Egyptian Canopic Jars

Paper Maché Egyptian Canopic Jars. Perfect for your World Thinking Day celebration if your girls chose Egypt. …

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International Event Fun – 2014

Read about what other troops have done to represent Hungary, Spain, Germany, Ireland and Egypt for their Girl Scout…

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Egypt Flag Pins for Swapping

These simple instructions and colored pattern will help your troop make impressive looking SWAPs to represent Egypt at your…

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Egypt Rubber Stamp

Stamp passports or make SWAPs at your Girl Scout Thinking Day or International event if you chose Egypt…

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Egyptian Girl Guide Coloring Page

Print multiple copies to use as a gathering activity. Girls color then use as a decoration for their meeting…

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Mini Mummy Pins for Swapping

Teach Girl Scouts to use Rigid Wrap while creating a mini mummy SWAP pin to celebrate Halloween or while…

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Egyptian Oven-Fried Cheese Recipe

Print a recipe and prepare food to taste at your Girl Scout Thinking Day or International celebration if you…

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Recipe for Easy Hummus

If your troop is representing a Middle Eastern or Mediterranean country such as Greece, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Syria…

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