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Plastic Cup Flowers


recycled-bottle-craftMake these pretty flowers using only a plastic cup and a pair of scissors.

You need:

  • Plastic cup
  • Scissors


You’ll want to make sure the cup is plastic, not paper, and has a curled lip at the top.  We used a 9 ounce cup but you can experiment with different sizes.

Cut the side of the plastic cups in strips keeping each strip about the same width. Strips of ¾” or more were not as flexible. About ½” seemed to work well but there is no need to measure.

Do not cut all the way to the bottom of the cup leaving enough for you to be able to hold the base of the cup, about 3/4”. Try to end the cuts at the same depth for each strip.

Holding the cup from the bottom, take a strip and curl it outward and sideways to bring it  over the strip next to and then tuck it back down inside the cup. Use the strip you just went over and repeat the process. Work your way around the cup wrapping each strip around the next one. When you get to the last strip, you’ll tuck it under the first loop and back down inside the cup. When you are done you can make adjustments by gently pushing the loops or pulling and pushing the ends of the cups to make sure it’s stable.  You may have thin strips of plastic that resemble a loose thread. These can be trimmed with scissors.

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