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  • Recycled Crafts Patch Program

Recycled Crafts Fun Patch

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Girl Scout Patch ProgramRecycled Crafts Fun Patch for troops or other groups using recycled materials while crafting. Download our suggested requirements.



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Girl Scout Patch ProgramThis 2″ iron-on embroidered fun patch is part of our patch program.

How Daisy and Brownie Girls can earn the Recycled Crafts Fun Patch:

Make something out of a used item.
Ask each girl to bring in one or more items that have been used up or not longer useful. Gather a few of your own also. Place all the used items in the middle of the table with assorted craft supplies. Be sure to include glue dots so the girls aren’t frustrated by white glue or glue sticks not working. Tell the girls to look at the “pile of garbage” ask them if they see anything useful. Nothing? Then ask “Do you see anything that can become a pencil holder?” “What about a vase for flowers?””A toy, a frame or a card?” Tell the girls to use their imagination and made something useful from the discarded items.

How Junior and Cadette Girls can earn the Recycled Crafts Fun Patch:

Upcycle something.
Upcycling is the process of converting a useless or unused products into a better product. Examples include making pop tops into bracelets, using tires as planters, making broken tile into a mosaic and turning an old tee shirt into a tote. Ask your girls to choose one of these ideas or come up with their own ideas and complete an upcycled product.

How Senior and Ambassador Girls can earn the Recycled Crafts Fun Patch:

Get the community involved.
Every hear of plarn? Plarn is a creative way to recycle plastic bags by turning it into yarn. Google it. There are several ways to make it. One you have a bunch of plarn, you can crochet or weave with it. Plarn makes great totes, baskets – even sleeping mats for the homeless. Organize a plastic bag drive. Check with your local senior center or houses of worship for volunteers. You will probably find plenty of talented crocheters who want to help. Offer to help them sell the product and raise money for their organization. Don’t like plarn? That’s OK pick another material to recycle with your community.



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    Our Daisy troop made bags out of old t-shirts and this patch was perfect for that activity!

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