Leading your Girl Scout troop just got easier.

Paper Doll Friends

Paper Dolls
Paper Dolls
Paper Dolls
Paper Dolls
Paper Dolls
Paper Dolls

We have dozens of themes to choose from when you are making paper dolls. You’ll be surprised how much your Girl Scout troop will love making them!

Fun Fact: During the ages between 5 and 7 fine motor skills are being refined. Cutting and gluing helps to accomplish this.


Girl Scout and Girl Guide Paper Doll Friends
There are so many ways to use our Girl Scout paper doll friends. Use them for bridging or during your badges and Journeys.


International Paper Doll Friends
Our international costumes are great for Thinking Day or for your international studies.


Athletic Paper Doll Friends
From figure skating to football, we have uniforms for many sports to dress your paper dolls for their favorite past times.


Holiday Paper Doll Friends
We have outfits for every holiday and season so get printing and make clothes for your paper doll friends for the whole year.


Everything Paper Doll Friends

What mood are your paper dolls in? Ready to go camping? Have a sleepover? Become a mermaid? There are so many options to choose from.



Friends Across America

Join our “Friends Across America” Program. It’s fun! It’s free! Start today and you’ll have new “Friends” from all around the county in just a couple of weeks!


Paper Doll Friends Projects

There is no limit to the fun you can have with our paper doll friends. From bookmarks and certificates to cards and gifts, there is something for every Girl Scout meeting.

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