Leading your Girl Scout troop just got easier.

Meet the Girl Scout Superheroes

Each superhero represents a part of the Girl Scout Law!

Meet our superheroes. Each one has a superpower representing a part of the Girl Scout Law. Whether your girls are earning Daisy petals, Brownie badges or Junior badges, there is a superhero that can help with girl-led download. Use our fun accessories or create your own to add to the fun.

Girl Scout Superhero Sincerity: Honest & Fair

Girl Scout Superhero Harmony: Friendly and Helpful

Girl Scout Superhero Charity: Considerate and Caring

Girl Scout Superhero Freedom: Courageous and Strong

Girl Scout Superhero Twilight: Responsible for What I Say and Do

Girl Scout Superhero Delilah: Respect Myself and Others

Girl Scout Superhero Justice: Respect Authority

Girl Scout Superhero Prudence: Use Resources Wisely

Girl Scout Superhero Serafina: Make the World a Better Place

Girl Scout Superhero Willow: Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout


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