Meet the Scout Superheroes

Each superhero represents a part of the GS Law!

Meet our superheroes. The scout superhero program created by MakingFriends®.com. Each one has a superpower representing a part of the GS Law. Whether your girls are earning Daisy petals, Brownie badges or Junior badges, there is a superhero that can help with girl-led downloads. Use our fun accessories or create your own to add to the fun. Each superhero has also taken the time to learn about a different country for GS World Thinking Day and is ready to guide your girls through learning about and preparing a booth for the country they have chosen.

Scout Superhero Sincerity: Honest & Fair

Scout Superhero Harmony: Friendly and Helpful

Scout Superhero Charity: Considerate and Caring

Scout Superhero Freedom: Courageous and Strong

Scout Superhero Twilight: Responsible for What I Say and Do

Scout Superhero Delilah: Respect Myself and Others

Scout Superhero Justice: Respect Authority

Scout Superhero Prudence: Use Resources Wisely

Scout Superhero Serafina: Make the World a Better Place

Scout Superhero Willow: Be a Sister to Every Girl

10 Beginner and Novice Superhero Downloads
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10 Novice Superhero Downloads


Daisy Flower Garden Journey in a Day

Superhero Flower Garden Journey In A Day Download


Superhero Flower Garden Journey Download


Superhero Savvy Shopper Badge Download


Superhero Playing the Past Badge Download



Superhero Drawing Badge Download



Superhero Social Butterfly Badge Download


 Girl Scout Junior Safety Award Download

Superhero Safety Award Download



Staying Fit Download


Junior Musician Superhero Download

Musician Badge Download


Daisy Girl Scout Superhero Cape

Superhero Cape

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Superhero Tiaras



Superhero Logos


White Child-Sized Tee Shirts

Child-Sized White Tee Shirts


Superhero Patch Group

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Girl Scout Promise Superhero Patch

I Know The Promise Superhero Patch



I Know The Scout Law Superhero Patch

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Superhero SWAP Kit

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Instant Superhero SWAP Kit

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Superhero Scout Law Cards