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Junior Girl Scout Journeys


Juniors doing one of the activities of the Agent of Change journey.

Your Junior Journey does not have to feel like school work!


Which Junior journey should you choose?

Print our flyer and take it to your meeting to discuss with your troop.

There are three Girl Scout Junior journeys– aMuse, Get Moving and Agent of Change. If you’ve attempted one of these journeys “by the book”, you’ve most likely gotten some push-back from your girls. “It’s too much like school work.” The best thing about the journeys is they don’t have to be done “by the book”. Each journey can be tailored to fit your troop. You can do your journey during meetings or you can make it a weekend or even a day-long event. Our Journey Badge in a Bag kits have step-by-step instructions to do it any way you want.

Junior Girl Power Journey Badge in a Bag®
Complete kit makes Agent of Change Journey easy!

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Junior Energy Journey Badge in a Bag®
Complete kit to make Junior GET MOVING! Journey easy!

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Junior Action Journey Badge in a Bag®
Complete kit makes Junior aMUSE Journey easy!

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