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Japan | World Thinking Day Ideas


Jenifer Mitchell’s Troop Represents Japan for Thinking Day.

If members of your troop practice martial arts or have an interest in origami Japan may be a good choice for Thinking Day.

Fun Fact: Minor tremors occur every day in Japan.

Japan Patch
2″ Embroidered, Iron-on


A visit to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant might inspire the girls as they prepare for their Thinking Day celebration. Rice is an important food in Japan and is usually served with seasonal vegetables and fish. Tempura, or lightly battered vegetables and seafood are also very popular. Most children may not appreciate sushi but there are many ideas for faux sushi that could be a fun alternative.  A Japanese tea ceremony would also be appropriate at a Thinking Day celebration.

Traditional dress in Japan is the kimono which is usually made of silk and is worn with a wide belt placed high above the waist and big sleeves.  Girls may enjoy dressing up and doing their hair and makeup and performing a fan dance.

Girls can get creative by making paper fans or presenting an origami demonstration.  SWAPs to represent Japan can include pagodas, kimonos, mini fans, or sushi.

The national sport of Japan is Sumo which has a history spanning more than 1,000 years.

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