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Troop 351 of Greater South Texas Los Fresnos representing Greece for their celebration.

With this country choice, troops will have plenty of classic costume, food and pins for swapping ideas in addition to Olympic crafts. You will find many great ideas for pins for swapping based on Greek symbols like our easy flag pins or evil eye kits. Another option is to print our free mini international post cards and spell out GREECE with our letter bead kits. MakingFriends®.com has ideas and products to help make your celebration a success.


Fun Fact: "Opa !" is a Greek call to celebrate.

Greece Patch
2″ Embroidered, Iron-on


For a fun Greek activity, help girls write their names using the Greek alphabet or make Greek urns out of air-dry clay. As Greek decorations, use poster board to re-create the columns of the Parthenon and other temples or the bright white houses built into the cliffs of the Greek Islands. Since the 1880’s many island buildings have been whitewashed with limestone dissolved in water as a cheap and durable alternative to paint.

For costumes, your girls will win gold medals in fashion when they are dressed as Greek goddesses wearing togas with olive leaf crowns and lace-up gold sandals. Each girl could choose her own goddess: Aphrodite- goddess of love, irresistible to any man when she wore her magic girdle; Artemis – an independent spirit, she is the goddess of the hunt, with the strength and ability to protect herself; Athena goddess of war and wisdom; Iris- goddess of the rainbow or goddess Nike whose name means “victory.” The word “music” comes from the Greek word musiki for the nine muses/ goddesses who ruled over the arts and sciences. Each of their symbols would make a great pin for swapping idea for Greece- a writing tablet, scroll, flute or lyre, comedy and tragedy masks, a veil or a globe and compass. Each represents the Greek contributions to literature, art, philosophy or politics. which led to Greece being called “the cradle  of Western Civilization.”

When it comes to food, your Greek snack may be as simple as sampling various olives or dates and figs. Girls would enjoy dipping bread in a seasoned olive oil. In Greece, bread is considered a gift of God and olive oil is added to almost every dish. In Greek cuisine, the mezedes (appetizers) include pita bread served with dips such as hummus or tzatziki (Greek yogurt with finely chopped cucumber), dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) and feta and other cheeses such as the saganaki (sometimes Greek waiters will make a show of lighting this treat on fire table side). Greek holiday cookies, Kourambiethes covered in powdered sugar would be a sweet choice but baklava is the classic Greek dessert.

Additional ideas can also be found in European Countries / Thinking Day* Ideas.

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