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Girl Scout Superhero Prudence





Meet Prudence

Prudence Uses Resources Wisely and has the super power to never waste resources.

She is ready to help Brownies earn their Household Elf badge and Daisies earn the green “Use Resources Wisely” petal.

Prudence loves arts and crafts and is always making clever things out of recycled items.  She makes sure to cap her markers and wash out her brushes so they will last longer.

Prudence lives with her mom, sister and brother.  She has a pet hamster named hipster.

Her favorite color is green because it reminds her of trees and nature.

Prudence wants to learn how to program and design websites.



Order our download and Prudence will lead your Brownies through earning their Household Elf badge and Daisies will earn their green “Use Resources Wisely” petal.




Order our download and Prudence will lead your Juniors through earning their Playing The Past badge.


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