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Trip Ideas for Use Resources Wisely Petal

Troop leaders from our Facebook page share ideas for trip and service ideas for earning the Daisy petal Use…

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Use Resources Wisely: Scout Superhero Prudence

Meet Scout Superhero Prudence. She is ready to help Brownies earn their Household Elf badge and Daisies earn the…

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Upcycled Crafts

Girls will have fun creating upcycled crafts by using items they are already familiar with in new ways.…

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Daisy Green Petal Superhero Word Search | Prudence

Superhero Prudence word search to use while learning part of the GS Law and working on the green Use…

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Daisy Green Petal Superhero Maze | Prudence

Help Superhero Prudence find her way out of the maze while learning part of the GS Law and working…

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Daisy Green Petal Superhero | Prudence

Let Superhero Prudence help your Daisies learn part of the Girl Scout Law and earn the Green Use Resources…

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Using Resources Wisely Daisy Petal

Explore activities beyond what is in the Girl Scout Guide while earning the dark green Use Resources Wisely petal…

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Recycled Crafts

Girl Scouts can use resources wisely with these clever recycled craft projects…

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