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Fundraising and Money Earning Ideas


Fundraising and Money Earning Ideas

Troops and other youth groups need money to fund their experiences. Girl Scouts* are well known for their cookie sales. We’ve shared a lot of fun ideas to enhance your sales on our page Cookies.

Some scouts need to do additional fundraising for big service projects or trips. On this page you’ll find ideas to help inspire your scouts to come up with the money earning activities they think suit them best.   Always check with your organization to make sure you are following their guidelines.

Additional for fundraising for some community service projects like breast cancer can be found on our page Community Service.

If you’ve had a great fundraising experience with your troop, let other leaders know about it with photos on our Facebook page or even write a blog and get $40 for your troop to spend at MakingFriends.com

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Fun Fact: Girls used to bake the cookies they sold.

Nut and Candy Sales

More Fundraising and Money Earning Ideas

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