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Frontier Girl Paper Doll Friends

Use our Paper Doll Friends to teach new girls about Frontier Girls and their uniforms. Girls can choose hair…

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Flat Juliette

Your Girl Scouts will have fun hearing about the adventures of their Flat Juliette. Free printable available in color…

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Little Scout Paper Doll Friends Brown Uniform

Print in color. Each page includes nine smiling dolls with various skin tones, hair styles and brown scout uniforms.…

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Little Scout Friends Green Uniform

Print nine small scouts per page. Includes a variety of skin tones and hair styles. Green uniform…

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Little Cadettes Girl Scout Friends

Print nine girls per page including current tan Cadette sash and vintage blue Cadette uniform vests and sashes.…

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Paper Doll Friends Brown Uniform

Mix and match brown scout uniform pieces including skirts, pants, sashes and vests.…

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Juliette Low Paper Dolls

Instructions, picture and links to clothes to dress up you paper dolls to look just like Juliette Low.…

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Scout Friends Green Uniform

Choose from green vests or sashes, skirts or pants, tees or shirts… complete mix and match outfits for our…

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