Leading your troop just got easier.

Flat Juliette


Send Flat Juliette to visit other troops and have an adventure.

Flat Juliette is a pen-pal-type activity that promotes literacy and friendship.

Your girls can ask other troops to host your Flat Juliette and take pictures and write about what activities they did with her.  Troop meetings, trips, events, etc.  Troops can then mail back Juliette with pictures and notes about what they did.

Your girls might have friends or family in troops outside of your area. You’ll find plenty of troops on social media willing to host your Flat Juliette.

Add to the fun by getting a map to mark the places she’s been.  Your girls might also like to create a scrapbook with the pictures and notes they get back.

Free Printable Flat Juliette: