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Flower Fact Sheets and Word Search

One of the requirements for the Junior Girl Scout Flower badge is to go on a flower search in your neighborhood. This might not always be realistic depending upon the time of year or where your live. We’ve provided you with another option so your troop can still earn this enjoyable badge. Use our printables and go on a flower search!

Flower Word Search Pages:

wordsearch_aster_thumb wordsearch_columbine_thumb wordsearch_crocus_thumb wordsearch_daisy_thumb

wordsearch_lily_thumb wordsearch_geranium_thumb wordsearch_marigold_thumb wordsearch_morning_glory_thumb

wordsearch_passion_flower_thumb wordsearch_orchid_thumb wordsearch_periwinkle_thumb wordsearch_rose_thumb

wordsearch_sunflower_thumb wordsearch_tulip_thumb wordsearch_violet_thumb wordsearch_water_lily_thumb


Junior Flower Badge in a Bag®
For 6 or more girls.

1) Go on a Flower Hunt
2) Make a Flower Family Tree
3) Make a Scented Bookmark
4) Make a Flowered Jewelry Holder
5) Make Flower SWAPs

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