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Category Archives: Yellow Daisy Petal – Friendly and Helpful

“Friendly and Helpful” Petal Download

Complete this six-page Scout Superhero comic download and girls have earned the yellow “Friendly & Helpful” petal.…

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Friendly & Helpful Superhero Patch

Embroidered patch for Harmony who is friendly and helpful. She is one of the 10 Scout Superheroes from…

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Friendly and Helpful: Scout Superhero Harmony

Meet Scout Superhero Harmony. She is ready to help Brownies earn their My Great Day badge and Daisies earn…

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Yellow Petal Superhero Word Search | Harmony

Superhero Harmony word search to use while learning part of the Law and working on the yellow Friendly and…

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Yellow Petal Superhero Maze | Harmony

Help Superhero Harmony find her way out of the maze while learning part of the Law and working on…

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Harmony’s Clapping Gloves

These clapping gloves are perfect to use with Scout Superhero Harmony…

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Yellow Petal Superhero | Harmony

Let Superhero Harmony help your girls learn part of the GS Law and earn the Yellow Friendly and Helpful…

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Chick Yarn Bug

Who can resist this cute little baby chick yarn bug? Fun craft for the Girl Scout Daisy 5 Flowers,…

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