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Chick Yarn Bug

bug_chickWho can resist this cute little baby chick yarn bug?

You need:


Make a pompom by wrapping yarn around  a 5″ piece of cardboard at least 100 times. Cut a 6″ piece of yarn and slide it under wrapped yarn. Tie tightly into a double knot. Turn cardboard over and cut completely through yarn on this side. Turn yarn blob sideways and smooth down strands.

Press Styrofoam ball onto a hard surface to flatten bottom. Practice putting the yarn blob over the Styrofoam ball in one swift motion so the yarn falls around the ball.  Then put glue on the top half of the Styrofoam ball, and attach the yarn blob (like you practiced), adjusting the strands of yarn and trimming as needed

Print the foam feet pattern. Staple onto craft foam and cut out feet. Glue the bottom of the Styrofoam ball on to the foam feet. Glue on wiggle eyes. For optional arms, cut a pipe cleaner in half. Glue on hands. Poke the pipe cleaners into the bug for arms. Bend at the elbows.

Curl two small triangles out of orange foam. Glue onto chick for beak. Push feathers into Styrofoam.

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