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Scout Kindness Keeper


daisy_rulerEvery time your scout does a good deed, she glues on a flower. Each flower represents one of the petal colors! When all done, she can make her Kindness Keeper into a crown or a belt.

You need:


Cut two strips of white craft foam 1-1/2″ x 12″. Glue ends together to make one long piece. Round the ends and punch a hole in each end. Have your girls hang them from a door or cabinet. Each time she does a good deed, she can glue on a flower. Use a clothespin to keep it in place while drying. Have the girls bring their finished keepers to the next meeting. Glue a gem on the middle of each flower. Make them into a crown by stapling ends together or a belt by tying a string through the end holes. 

Tacky Glue
 4 oz per bottle


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