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Recycled Cookie Box Journal or notebook


This clever little booklet uses no staples or stitching. recycle_cookie_box_booklet

You Need:

  • Empty Girl Scout Cookie Box
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Paper (see instructions to determine size)
  • decorative paper


We used an 11 x 17 sheet of paper for the lemon cookie box. A standard letter-sized piece of paper works for the peanut butter cookies. Adjust paper size for other boxes.

Fold paper as follows:


Fold paper in half lengthwise. Crease. Open back up.
8.  Holding both ends, push together letting the middle open up.
2. Fold in half in the other direction.

Let the middle flatten out to form two more pages.


Fold back one quarter of the sheet as shown in the illustration at right.
10.  Bring the last page around to make a little booklet and crease all folds well.
4. Fold back the last quarter. Crease all folds well. 11.  Lay decorative paper upside down on your work surface. Place two pieces of cardboard side-by-side on top with1/8″ between them.
5.  Open the last two folds and cut along the center fold till you reach the halfway point cutting though both halves. 12.  Fold the decorative paper over the cardboard, turning in the corners as if you were wrapping a present. Crease
well. Glue in place.
Open the paper up completely.
13.  Glue the first and last pages of your booklet to the cover, completely covering the cardboard.

Fold the sheet in half lengthwise. 14.   Cut out designs to glue to the cover. Use the inside to scrapbook or journal.


Open up cookie box. Cut off the bottom flaps. Trim down to size of your booklet. Wrap around your booklet. Use a glue stick to glue to first and last page to the inside of the trimmed cookie box.

Cookie SWAPs
Kit makes 30

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