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Canada | Ideas for Thinking Day*


Multi-level Troop 70887 in Clarkston, MI wear flannel shirts and winter caps for the cold Canadian climate.

If your girls love winter fun, they will have an “Arctic BLAST” with Canada for their celebration. MakingFriends®.com has ideas and products to help make your celebration a success.

Fun Fact: Canada is the second largest country in the world (after Russia).


Canada Patch
2″ Embroidered, Iron-on


The flurry of chill pin ideas for swapping and costumes are not limited to the simple maple leaf. Girls can become Eskimos, hockey players, figure skaters or the legendary Sasquatch for the day.

When hungry for a food idea, girls might turn their noses up at Canada’s official national dish, poutine — French fries generously slathered in gravy and cheese curds. But, Beaver Tails, French-style pastries with chocolate, candy or fruit topping, could please even the biggest sweet-tooth in your troop.

A Big Foot pin for swapping would be more cute than scary but girls will spin a triple-axle for a Canada ice skates one.

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