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Biographies of Present-Day Teen Role Models


teen-role-models-present-dayWhen working on your Agent of Change Junior Journey, your girls will explore the stories of inspiring girls. Print our illustrated biography pages of these girls to take to your meeting: Adora Svitak, Akiane Kramarik, Cecilia Cassini, Remmi Smith, Dani Bowman, Jessica Mah, Priya Verma, Sarah Jo Lambert, Victoria Pan, Aproova Rangan, Barbara Brown, Mariah Smiley, Miranda Andersen, Miranda Pawline, Sydney Leroux, Amiya Alexander, Eri Yoshida, Phebe Meyers, Kimberly Anyadike, Alexa Dectis, Annalese Thorp, and Celine Tien. The perfect companion for our Junior Girl Power Journey Badge in a Bag®.

Illustrated Biography Pages:

biography_Amiya Alexander_small biography_miranda_andersen_small biography_Kimberly Anyadike_small biography_dani bowman_small biography_barbara_brown_border_small biography_Cecilia Cassini_small biography_Alexa Dectis_small biography_Akiane Kramarik_small biography_Sydney Leroux_small biography_sarah_jo_lambert_small biography_jessica mah_small biography_phebe_meyers_small biography_Priya Verma_small biography_victoria_pan_small biography_miranda_pawline_border_small biography_aproova_rangan_border_small biography_Mariah Smiley_small biography_remmis smith_small biography_adora_Svitak_small biography_Annalese Thorp_small biography_Celine Tien_small biography_Eri Yoshida_small

Junior Girl Power Journey Badge in a Bag®
Complete your Agent of Change Journey for less than $2.00 per girl per meeting!

1) Decorating Scrapbooks
2) Make a Power Bracelet
3) Create Collage
4) Make Puppets
5) Create Community Spiral
6) Make a Hopes and Dreams Magnet
7) Making A Mural

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