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Thailand | World Thinking Day Ideas


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Girl Scout troops that choose to represent Thailand at a Thinking Day event should wai their guests. Waiing is a traditional Thai act of greeting which includes a slight bow with your palms pressed together in a prayer-like fashion.

Fun Fact: Thailand was known as Siam and is native to Siamese cats and Thai brothers inspired the term Siamese twins .

Thailand Patch
2″ Embroidered, Iron-on


Even if your group doesn’t wear Thinking Day costumes, girls will tickle themselves if given the opportunity to play with the fingernail extensions that traditional Thai dancers wear. For Thailand crafts, your Girl Scouts could make paper lanterns, headdresses and bottle cap map or trading card SWAPs.

Easy to purchase and prepare Thai food for Thinking Day includes jasmine rice or pad Thai, but the deep fried crickets or worms served in Thailand are going to be a bit more difficult to find locally.

Because, the national religion is Thai Buddhism, the official calendar is based on the Buddist Era. That means the year is 543 years ahead of the Gregorian (Western) calendar. So, the year 2015 is 2558 BE in Thailand.

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