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Ghost Poop SWAPs

swap_ghostpoopOk, we’ll jump in on the poop jokes! Here’s our version of a Ghost Poop poem: I bet you’d like some candy but listen, here’s the scoop… The only thing we’re giving out is bags of weird ghost poop!

You need:


Print Poop Poem on orange card stock. Cut out into squares and place slip a poem into each mini ziplock bag. Squeeze out small dollops of hot glue on wax paper. Let dry. Peel off and place several inside each back. Other options are to use pumpkin seeds or candy corn as “pumpkin poop.” Add a safety pin. If you are using optional SWAP tags, write your message on the tag and slide onto the pin. Close pin.

Join our SWAP Sensation and mail your SWAPs to us and we will send you back some from other Girl Scouts.

Mini Zipper Bags
100 Per pack

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