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Asian Bamboo Pins for Swapping


swap_bamboo_writingBefore paper was invented, the Chinese would write on strips of bamboo. Have fun trying to copy tiny Chinese (Japanese, Korean or other language) characters to wooden strips.

You need:


Cut a piece of cardboard 1.25″ x 2″. Cover with a thin coat of tacky glue. Lay five mini craft sticks across the cardboard. Use a fine point pen and write some Asian-looking characters down the sticks. You can choose a specific phrase and find the translation on the internet or you can find examples of Chinese characters here. For Japanese characters you can look here. For Korean characters check here. Glue two rows of hemp along the top and along the bottom. Glue a jewelry craft pin to the back. Write your swapping information on the back.

Mini Craft Sticks
250 Per pack