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Mini Bag of Pretzels SWAPs

swap_pretzels.gif (20832 bytes)This pretzel SWAP just makes me smile! Make them for Thinking Day or International SWAPs if you are representing Germany.

You need:


Cut suede cord to 3-1/2″ pieces. Twist like a pretzel adding a couple of dabs of hot glue to keep in place. Use a toothpick to apply small dots of tacky glue. Sprinkle on glitter. Shake off excess. Put three pretzels in a bag. Add a pin. If you are using optional SWAP tags, write your message on the tag and slide onto the pin. Close pin.

Join our SWAP Sensation and mail your SWAPs to us and we will send you back some from other Girl Scouts.


Mini Zipper Bags
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