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Mini Sundae SWAPs

swap_sundaeGirl Scouts have been making these for years! Make delicious-looking doll-sized ice cream sundaes. You can serve them to your favorite teddy bear or glue on a pin for SWAPping.

You need:


Glue one large or several small pom poms in the “flavor” of your choice in a mini plastic cup. Glue on a white pompom or cotton ball for whipped cream. Use a toothpick to dab on tacky glue and place seed beads as sprinkles. Glue on a red pony bead as a cherry. Hot glue pin to the back. If you are using optional SWAP tags, write your message on the tag and slide onto the pin. Close pin.

Join our SWAP Sensation and mail your SWAPs to us and we will send you back some from other Girl Scouts.

Mini Plastic Cups
100 Per pack

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