Leading your Girl Scout troop just got easier.

Scout Bucks Holder and Dues Pouch

pencil_caseMake a special personalized holder for your Scout Bucks.

You need:


scout bucks holder pattern 1Print pattern (2nd image on the right). Cut vinyl to 8″ x 10″. Fold up the bottom third (as shown in 1st image on the right).

Lay the folded piece over the pattern. Use a ball point pen to mark the holes. Punch all around with an 1/8″ hole punch.

scout bucks holder pattern 2Cut a 2 yard piece of satin cord. Stiffen ends with white glue to make lacing easier. Begin lacing at the red circle. Leave 3″ of cord to tie off later. Whip stitch all around the case. Tie ends with a double knot. String a couple beads on each cord. Knot. Trim. No need to make a closure. Jelly sheets stick to themselves so the flap will stay in place.

Personalize with your name in foamie stickers.

Rat-tail Satin Cord
144 Yards Per Roll


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