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Superhero Law Cards Download

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Part of the Superhero Program from MakingFriends®.com.

Learning the law has never been easier! This super project will keep your young girls engage while they learn.


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Print trading cards. Cut out the cards on the dotted line. Fold in half. Glue closed. Punch a hole in the top left corner. String on a ribbon. Double knot. Trim.


Anne Marie’s troop wore“capes” and played a game to learn the Girl Scout* law. Anne Marie provided situations such as “there is a new girl in your class. She has trouble doing things you find easy, like counting to 10 or kicking a ball. What could you do?” The girls could answer for real or use their superpower. They loved it!!!


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40 reviews for "Superhero Law Cards Download"

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    The girls LOVE these

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    Our troop loves super heroes, thank you for these

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    Great cards for the girls

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    I’m always looking for ways to help our girls comprehend each GS law concept and this really helped them.

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    To introduce the parts of the Law for Daisy and Brownie troops.

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    A fine resource to really apply the Girl Scout Promise and Law. A fun game was created for the girls to act out the super hero and on Zoom, they did a terrific job!

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    These cards are super cute – Looking forward to using them to help my new Daisies learn the GS Law and earn their pedals!

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    Same as above

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    Love these.
    Fun way to Teach the girls the Girl Scout Law.

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    These worked great. I printed them on card stock. I told the girls the week before to bring “capes” to the next meeting. Then I split the cards amongst the girls. They pantomimed what super power they would have and after it was guessed by the others I provided a situation that would meet that part of the law. Ie for friendly and considerate I said “there is a new girl in your class. She has trouble doing things you find easy, like counting to 10 or kicking a ball you could? They could answer for real or using their super power. They loved it!!!

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      Thanks for sharing!

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    So perfect! My daughter was struggling and this was THE perfect girl superhero’s to show her and she loved the little card style.

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    Very cute and I think the girls will love them. I printed them on cardstock to help with their durability.

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    I am glad to see a new way to teach the scouts the values that we wish to instill. I will incorporating the Super Heros this upcoming year in other programming.

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    like the idea of making petals and parts of the law into super heros!!!

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    I had to give these 5 stars – I had made very similar cards for my troop. Wish I had known about Making Friends earlier. It would have saved me a lot of work.

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    Awesome download !

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    These were super cute!

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    My Daisies loved doing these. We used these at our first meeting and will continue to use them as the girls learn their law. I think the super heroes will help keep them interested and maybe they will earn the law quicker.

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    I showed these cards to my Multi-Level Troop and they loved them! Thank you for the great Super Hero Idea!!!!

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    We used these in our first meeting to introduce our troop to the Superheroes. The girls loved them. We made a game with them as well…we had the girls put the lines of the Girl Scout Law in order using the cards as a reference. Love the Superheroes!

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    Will definiitely use in my troop

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    I will definitely be using these with my Troop this year. The only concern I have is the Considerate and Caring card has the wrong name and information.

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      Thanks for letting me know. We fixed that!

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