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Girl Scout Superheroes

Girl Scout Superheroes

Girl Scout Superhero
Girl Scout Dancer Badge
Girl Scout Superhero
Girl Scout Superhero
Girl Scout Superhero
Girl Scout Superhero
Girl Scout Superhero
Girl Scout Superhero
Girl Scout Superhero
Girl Scout Superhero

Because being a Girl Scout is cool.

Our superheroes add a whole new level of cool to the Girl Scout program. Girls from all levels will find something they can relate to with our superheroes. From Delilah’s ability to feel good about herself even though she is different to Harmony’s kindness and caring to Freedom’s confidence and courage. Every superhero has a story. They all have one thing in common. They are Girl Scouts and proud of it. Take a look at the products, projects and badge work we have already developed but check back often because there is plenty more coming.

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Fun Fact: The first female superhero was named Fantomah. She debuted in 1940.


Meet the Girl Scout Superheroes

Each superhero has a superpower representing a part of the Girl Scout Law. Girl-led downloads help Brownies, Juniors and Daisies earn badges and petals. Use our fun accessories or create your own to add to the fun.


Girl Scout Superhero Paper Dolls

All ten paper dolls with three hairstyle choices, super hero costumes, everyday clothes and uniforms for all levels.


Superhero Maze Printables

These superheroes are looking for help to get out of their mazes so they can get back to saving the world!


Superhero Girl Scout Law Cards

Learning the Girl Scout law has never been easier! This super project will keep your young Girl Scouts engage while they learn.


Superhero SWAPs

Complete kit makes 100 SWAPs with safety pins, beads and cards.


Superhero Word Search Puzzles

Our ten superheroes are here each with puzzle page about one part of the Girl Scout law.


Superhero Coloring Pages

Ten superhero coloring pages each representing one part of the Girl Scout law.


Superhero Badge and Petal Downloads

Earning Junior badges, Brownie badges and Daisy Petals was never been this easy or this much fun. And you can’t beat the price!

Superhero Patches Back in Stock!