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Dutch Oven Cooking Patch

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Help your scouts plan and prepare a great meal on your next camping trip using a dutch oven. With so many recipes to choose from the girls will certainly be able to find a recipe they will all enjoy. Your girls can wear our patch to show they’ve learned there’s more than one way to have a great meal outdoors.

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MakingFriend Patch Program®Girl Scout Dutch Oven Cooking PatchThis 2″ iron-on embroidered patch is part of our patch program®®.

Suggestions for how kids of all levels can earn the Animal Advocate Patch:

Dutch Oven Cooking

You’ll find a variety of dutch oven recipes for cooking over a fire or using hot coals.
Stews, soups and beans of course are great but your scouts will be surprised to learn they can also bake, fry, roast and steam food as well. Just about anything you can make at home can also be made in a dutch oven. You even use the lid to cook on.

What you need to know about dutch ovens
Dutch ovens require seasoning before and/ or after using. Don’t use soap for cleaning. Make sure to follow manufacturer’s directions.

You’ll also need:

  • A lid lifter and/ or heavy duty welder or heavy duty barbecue gloves.
  • Tripod is an optional accessory which can be purchased or made.
  • Wood, plastic or Teflon cooking utensils.
  • If using tin foil to line the pot, make sure it’s heavy duty.
  • Tongs or shovel to move is also recommended.
  • If you are cooking with coal, you’ll want to look up a coal temperature conversion chart to see how many pieces of coal you’ll need for your size dutch oven and for the type of cooking you’ll be doing.
  • A whisk broom to clean the ashes from the lid is also recommended.
  • Also make sure to have a place to put the lid. Remember it’s going to be very hot. So you won’t want to put it directly on a table. A brick or rack can make a great lid holder.


Girl Scouts Dutch Oven Cooking.

Get a dutch oven cooking patch. These older scouts cooked food for their whole service unit in the dutch ovens.



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