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Compass Skills Patch

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Go letterboxing or hiking or just teach your girls how to use a compass. This compass skills patch is a perfect reward for learning new compass skills.

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MakingFriend Patch Program®Compass Skills Girl Scout Fun PatchThis 2″ iron-on embroidered patch is part of our patch program®®.

Suggestions for how Daisy* and Brownie* Girls can earn the Compass Skills Patch:

Become a living compass.
Ask the girls to look at a compass while you turn it. See how the needle always points north no matter which way it is turned? Using chalk, rocks or other markers, set up a giant circle that is big enough to contain the whole group. Use special makings for North, East, South and West. Ask the group to stand in the center of the circle and face North, then give them an instruction such as “Now face South”. Follow with other instructions such as “Take two steps West”. Increase the difficulty such as “Face East and take one step North.” Continue until the group understands that North is always North no matter which way they are facing. Walk around the area with your group and a compass and show the group how the needle always points North no matter which way they are walking.

Suggestions for how Junior* and Cadette* Girls can earn the Compass Skills Patch:

Play Compass Scavenger Hunt.
Using colored golf tees or other markers, set up a scavenger hunt. For example, place a blue golf tee 20 paces North, 15 paces southeast, 30 paces west. Write it down. Set up several more markers. It can be done as a group or in pairs. If your group has never used a compass, play the compass game above adding in Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest.

Suggestions for how Senior* and Ambassador* Girls can earn the Compass Skills Patch:

Learn Survival Skills.
Learn how to locate North two different ways without a compass. Try out at least one of your skills during a hike.

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    We love the graphics.

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    As always fast delivery and perfect service.

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    As always, great products, great service and price. THANKS

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    I received the patch, but not the sheet that says the requirements to earn the patch. A note from MakingFriends: All requirements are on the page you ordered from. You can print from there. We do not sent a copy with the patches.

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    Looking forward to working with my girls to earn this – The ones who chose it are going to have a blast!

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