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  • Junior Scribe Real Woman Workshop

    Scribe Virtual Workshop for Juniors — For Troops

    Part of our  “Real Woman” Series!


    Not only do stories entertain, but they can also spread awareness and teach life lessons. An author can send a message in a way that people will enjoy hearing about!


    Jamie Lago, author of Willow's WordsSpotlight is on Jamie Lago
    Author of Willow’s Words


    Like Jamie, Willow doesn’t talk in certain situations. This is called Selective Mutism. It is an anxiety disorder where a person’s voice feels frozen and words won’t come out. Jamie and her mother wrote Willow’s Words, which is based on her own experiences, to bring awareness to SM and to help others with the disorder know they are not alone.


    Jamie or her mother will be available at the end of the workshop to answer your questions about becoming a published author.
    10% of the proceeds for this workshop will be donated to help children with Selective Mutism.


    To find out more about Jamie or to order an autographed book visit her website WillowsWords.com



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  • Virtual Girl Scout Workshops

    Character Building Patch Program for Preteens – For Troops

    Preteens revisit the Girl Scout law with contemporary topics worthy of discussion.


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  • Girl Scout Get Moving Virtual Workshop for Juniors

    Get Moving Workshop for Juniors – For Troops

    It’s a journey in a day your girls will love. Packed with fun activities while they learn!


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