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  • Girl Scout Junior Superhero Downloads

    10 Intermediate Superhero Downloads


    product-check-markEach can be done in one or two meetings

    product-check-markDeveloped just for 4th and 5th grade girls

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    The Superhero program was developed by MakingFriends®.com. Our girl-led downloads and products are a fun for girls while saving time for leaders.


    Eight 6 – 11 page comic downloads to complete these badges and safety award. Two additional downloads are included for more fun with Playing the Past:

    1. Safety Award
    2. Savvy Shopper
    3. Scribe
    4. Musician
    5. Staying Fit
    6. Social Butterfly
    7. Drawing
    8. Playing the Past
    9. Sixties Record Label Decorations
    10. Learning About the Sixties

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  • $9.50

    Animal Habitat Badge in a Bag® — Individually Packaged – CLEARANCE


    It’s all fun and games while you learn about wild animals and their habitats!

    Hands on projects make the Animal Habitat Badge in a Bag® from MakingFriends®.com a fun way for your girl to earn the Junior Animal Habitats badge.



    This is a great badge in a bag to combine with a trip to a local zoo or nature center. If you can’t get out, we’ve made this an easy badge to earn during your meetings. Either way, you can print our  word search fact pages and learn about some fun animals and their habitats. See our blog post for more information about our Animal Habitat Badge in a Bag®.

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  • Junior Girl Scout Animal Habitats Workshop

    Animal Habitats Virtual Workshop — For Troops

    Part of our  “Real Woman” Series!


    Zoos are not just a fun place to see animals. They provide an important role in researching the behavior and health of animals. More important, they help protect threatened and endangered species.


    Tarah Carpenter, ZookeeperSpotlight is on Tarah Carpenter, Former Senior Zookeeper of Carnivores


    Tarah was zoo keeper for 20 years. Her
    specialty was meat eating animals – called carnivores – including lions and tigers. Tarah now volunteers to protect sea turtles and will be working to rehabilitate other animals.


    10% of the proceeds for this workshop will be donated to the Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project.



    Book a workshop for your troop of up to 18 now!


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  • Girl Scout Badges at Home Fun Patch

    Badges at Home Patch Program®

    Your girls show their commitment to scouts by earning badges at home when they can’t meet in person. Recognize their extra effort to stay involved in scouting with the Badges at Home patch from MakingFriends®.com. See our suggested requirements for earning this patch below.


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  • Girl Scout Junior Camping Badge

    Camping Badge in a Bag® — Individually Packaged – CLEARANCE

    singlepackGet ready for your camping trip with the Camping Badge in a Bag® from MakingFriends®.com which includes activities that will get you excited for a great time while earning the Junior Camper badge!


    Whether you are getting ready for your first camping trip or already given it a try, our Camping Badge in a Bag® has projects every girl can use. Make sure to print our free camping recipes for some delicious outdoor cooking ideas. Add optional stuffing for comfort or use just the padded material provided for an economic waterproof seat.

    product-check-markBulk packaging also available.
    product-check-markSuitable for independent girls
    product-check-markCan be Done in 1 Meeting



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  • Virtual Girl Scout Workshops

    Character Building Patch Program for Preteens – For Troops

    Preteens revisit the Girl Scout law with contemporary topics worthy of discussion.


    Book a workshop for your troop of up to 18 now!

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  • Girl Scout Face Mask Making Fun Patch

    Face Mask Making Patch Program®

    By following our suggested requirements, scouts of any level can learn how face masks help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Younger scouts can make face masks for themselves with basic supplies while older scouts can make fabric face masks for themselves, friends and family and the community. Older scouts can also learn about different materials that can be used as face mask filters.


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  • Girl Scout Get Moving Download for Juniors

    Get Moving Download for Juniors

    It’s a journey in a day your girls will love. Packed with fun activities while they learn!


    Virtual Workshops are also available for this download!

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