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Scout Snowman


Girl Scout snowman ornamentMake a styrofoam snowman. You can even dress her a cap, scarf and a vest Girl Scouts.

You need:


Flatten out the bottom and the top of a 3″ styrofoam ball by pressing it firmly onto a hard surface. Flatten just the bottom of a 2″ ball. Use hot glue to glue together. Press black pony beads all the way in to styrofoam to make eyes, mouth and buttons. Use a mini carrot or cut out a small triangle from orange craft foam for nose. Glue on face. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and cut off 1-1/2″ of each arm. Twist around arms to make branch hands. Poke arms into Styrofoam.

snowman ornament hat and vest patternPrint pattern for vest and stocking cap. Staple to felt and cut out.


To Make the Stocking Cap: Print pattern. Cut out. Glue the bottom edge up about 3/8″ using fabric glue. Glue the edges to together. Use 1/2 pipe cleaner and twist around gathered top near fringes. Glue to head.

To Make Vest: Print pattern. Cut out. Wrap around snowman with arms in holes.

To Make Scarf: Use scrap of felt. Cut a strip and cut fringes into each end of the strip. Tie and glue around neck of snowman.

If using a mini broom, glue to snowman’s hand using low temp glue gun.

To make snowman stand better, you can glue it to cardboard painted with snowtex paint. You can also make into a ornament by gluing a wire hanger in through the cap.

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