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Mardi Gras Tiara


mardi_gras_tiaraJust twist some wire and add some beads to make a wild and crazy tiara.

You need:

  • Craft Wire
  • Pony Beads
  • Pencil and Skewer (for twisting wire around)
  • Scissors


Twist three pieces of wire together to form the base.  Adjust to head size and twist ends together. Cut two long piece of wire to make the peaks. Beginning at one end, twist around the base a couple of times to secure. You can leave some length to curl and make a spiral at the side. Twist long pieces together, adding beads. Form peaks, twisting the to base in between the peaks. Trim ends leaving extra. Curl ends around the base. Adding beads. Cut pieces of wire to twist between peaks. Twist around a skewer.

Translucent Pony Bead Pack
720 6mm x 9mm beads per pack