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Make a Trinket Box

origami_boxUse a piece of girl scout scrapbook paper and fold it up into a 4″ square box. Use it hold hair accessories, paper clips or candy. You can also use wrapping paper cut down to 12′ x 12″ squares.

You need:

  • 1 Piece of Girl Scout scrapbook paper





Crease paper both ways
diagonally. Open up.
(the white is the back of the paper)


Fold each corner to the middle.(the gray is the front of the paper)


Fold each side to the middle.


Fold both the top and the bottom to the middle. Crease all side well.


Open up all folds but the first ones. It will look like step 2
but with extra creases.


Open up the top and the bottom.




Hold the corner marked A, and push it up and in to the center. Shaping the corner using the crease lines as a guide.

Repeat for the opposite corner.

9. Fold point B up and in to the middle of the box. Use the previous creases to continue the shaping. Point B will end up meeting the two points from the sides.


Repeat from step 7 with the opposite
side to finish the box.
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