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Inuit Bead Head Pins for Canada and USA

Create SWAPs representing the Inuit people if you chose Canada for your Girl Scout Thinking Day or International celebration.…

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Mini English Bead Head Pins for Swapping

Photo inspiration and step by step instructions for turning wooden beads, wiggle eyes and yarn into SWAPs representing England…

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Princess Clothespin Doll

With metallic cord and a couple of craft gems turn a clothespin into a mini princess doll. Great…

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Spanish Clothespin Doll

Girl Scouts will have fun making these clothespin dolls for their Brownie Dancer Badge or for their Thinking Day…

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India Clothespin Doll

Satin ribbon becomes a beautiful sari when your girls create this clothes pin doll for your Girl Scout Thinking…

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Madagascar Clothespin Doll

Satin ribbon and a scrap of fabric become a beautiful mini doll for your Girl Scout Thinking Day or…

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Chinese Clothespin Doll

Girl Scouts can wrap embroidery floss around a flat clothes pin to create mini doll representing China…

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Mini Scout Pins for Swapping

Print and “laminate” our mini Scout friends for a SWAP at any age level.…

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Wiggle Eye Pins for Swapping

Wiggle eyes make great Girl Scout SWAPs. The only other supplies you need for this one are a pom…

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