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Girl Scout Superhero Serafina





Meet Serafina

Serafina Makes the World a Better Place and has the super power to make things better.

She is ready to help Brownies earn their Inventor badge and Daisies earn the pink “Make the World a Better Place” petal.

Serafina lives with her mom and dad in a house they share with her aunts.

Serafina loves to cheer! Her cheers get everyone motivated to get up and get things done. Girls see her with her pom poms and they can’t help but join in. Her pom poms are her favorite color, pink.

Serafina’s family adopted a cat who can’t use his back legs. She built him a special wagon from Legos so he can get around.

Serafina always has great ideas. She’s very creative and likes to invent things. She’s thinking of being an engineer when she grows up.

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