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Girl Scout Superhero Charity




Meet Charity

Charity is Considerate and Caring and has the superpower to make everyone feel loved. She has a big heart and is very caring to people and animals! 

She is ready to help Girl Scout Brownies earn their Philanthropist badge and Daisies earn the spring green “Considerate & Caring” petal.

Charity lives with her mom and visits her dad and step mom during the summers. She has a baby half sister and a big step brother.

Charity’s favorite thing in the world is animals. She and her mom volunteer at the local animal shelter. They have adopted two dogs and three cats and she also has a rabbit.

Charity has a magic headband with hearts. When she wears the headband, she feels extra love for everyone and everything, especially her animals. Of course she will be a vet some day.

Charity’s favorite color is light green.

philanthropistOrder our download and Charity will lead your Brownies through earning their Philanthropist badge and Daisies will earn their spring green “Considerate & Caring” petal.

Order our Japan download and Charity will lead your Girl Scouts in activities and ideas to learn about Japan for World Thinking Day.

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